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Eltanin, Master of Light (G2 MOC) by Llortor
All right, so I'll critique this in a few categories.
1) The background. This actually looks like a legitimate background for the GEN2 sets. I really like the clouds and the looks of the area, and it definitely gives a fitting, ethereal feel to a character that wields light. Also, good lighting, too.
2) Posing. The pose is good. Need I say more?
3) The set design. This is a little more complicated. Firstly, I like the colors. The gold and white mix really well with the bright blue, creating a great feel for the character. However, if you ever get ahold of some blue lightning pieces for the blades, I'd definitely recommend using those.
The torso is pretty good, though it seems a little too long and gets a little bulky toward the top (the chest piece is fine, but the shoulders are very wide and don't look like her other appearances). It also doesn't fits with the sleekness of the rest of the build.
The neck piece is also not a very good choice. I would think that, in person without posing, it would look really awkward (I've tried a similar design before, and it usually ends up looking awkward), making her head seem further above her shoulders than it should be.
Also, the weapon on her back looks overly complicated. But is that a set of holders that double as wings? That's pretty cool! The mask is also a good choice, and is somewhat similar to your design. The "skirt" of CCBS armor pieces is also pretty cool.
All in all, it's not a flawless MOC, but it's definitely a good rendition of your character!
Rhynier Request by PrehistoricEchoes
Rhynier Request
A request for :iconrubycored:. I had fun doing this. I kind of got a retro, sort of 50's sci-fi feel from the references I was sent (mainly from the rocket pack), so I gave it a heroic, superhero-style pose. A little weird for a mecha, but hey, I though it would look good.

If you notice some lines near the feet, those were for a possible background I decided to remove. Might try to finish it someday.

Also, colored. Woo.

Thanks for the request, Rubycored! Hope you like it!
Trailblazing by PrehistoricEchoes
With my love of giant robots renewed recently, I did this sketch a few nights ago as sort of an experiment in design and posing. I love how it turned out too. I originally started with a vaguely feminine body outline, then changed up the shapes and gave it some decent armor, including a chest heavily inspired by the G-Self from Reconguista in G. The face was the hardest part, and I ended up finishing that after doing nearly the entire rest of the sketch. Thankfully, it still blends well with the rest of the design. Shading could be better, but hey, I'm not an awesome artist.
UHA44c Zhanshi Ultraheavy Armor by PrehistoricEchoes
UHA44c Zhanshi Ultraheavy Armor
A massive war machine meant for space combat, it's heavy armor and dual ion core make it a formidable opponent. It has enough fuel for long-term stays in orbit, and is equipped with weaponry to take on capital ships. It's one weakness is the largely explosed canisters of monopropellant fuel on its legs and back, though targeting them in the long-range environment of space can be nearly impossible, and it's superb mobility make hitting it even more of a challenge. 
HA27c Argon Heavy Armor by PrehistoricEchoes
HA27c Argon Heavy Armor
I've been getting into designing mecha as of late, so here's a nice Gundam-style mech with a chest inspired by the old RX-78. Made for a potential universe I'm currently building, the "Argon" (named because why not) is an aging combat and construction unit built for fights in space. It's heavy carbon plating and particle beam rifle make it a dangerous presence in the sphere of battle, and it's thrusters and reaction wheels give it high maneuverability in an orbital environment.
Just letting you know, I've been pretty active drawing. College has just kept me from posting anything, so today's going to be a sort of dump day, since I'm basically uploading a good chunk of my sketchbook from the past few months. Hope you enjoy!
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"My roadmap in life was described in the Halo 3 Machinima, Flag Campers: "The last two hours of travel are confined to a small, hilly area. And it's all squiggly..."


Hello, I'm Prehistoric Echoes (AKA: Echo 1, or Xeno745). I'm a BIONICLE, Skyrim, LoTR, and Star Wars fan, and enjoy writing, drawing, and (to a lesser extent) playing video games. Basically, I'm you're average teenage nerd who happens to work out with an ex-army drill sergeant.

Most of my art is based on stuff I'm familiar with, such as Bionicle or some of the science fiction and fantasy stuff I've come up with over the years. Quarians are also fun to draw for me, probably because I'm a low-level Talimancer. I've finally gotten used to drawing people, so I'm working with humans a lot more now.

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