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So, I recently received an art tablet from my very generous parents. Hopefully some new artwork will be appearing soon, once I get the basics down.
Mara Jade by PrehistoricEchoes
Mara Jade
More Star Wars related material. I've been rereading Allegiance by Timothy Zahn. Forgot how good of a novel that was. Anyway, I mainly did this as an exercise, since I was trying to replicate the picture on the cover of Choices of One, another novel featuring this character. Image here:…

Anyway, marginal success in that realm. Either way, I'm proud of how this turned out.

Thanks for viewing!

Star Wars c: Lucasfilms Ltd.

Artwork c: me
Mass Produced Eva Unit by PrehistoricEchoes
Mass Produced Eva Unit
I was having trouble drawing the other night, so I just kind of started making lines, and this is what I finished with. It looks a bit like one of the Mass Produced Eva Units from End of Evangelion, albeit terribly styalized. So I went with that. Looks pretty creepy, too.

Evangelion c: Gainax Studios and Hideaki Anno

Artwork c: me
Comet by PrehistoricEchoes
A friend of mine is running a superhero RP, taking place in the setting of Worm: A Web Serial, and this is the character I created for it. She's a speedster hero named "Comet," but her actual power is more along the lines of kinekinesis, or manipulating kinetic energy. Her breaker power (basically what keeps her from killing herself with her regular powers) only focuses on her lower body, so she uses it for speed. She can augment her strength a little bit, though.

Worm c: John McCrae

Character c: me
Jedi in Action by PrehistoricEchoes
Jedi in Action
Those two Jedi I drew in action, with a clone trooper of some sort as well. This was a fun exercise, since I don't do dynamic stuff too often, nor do I do stuff with multiple characters. Made up for that here.

Setting c: Star Wars, Lucasfilms

Characters c: me
It took me nearly four months, but I just finished the monstrously long web novel titled Worm: A Web Serial by J. McCrae (aka "Wildbow"). I have to say, this was an amazing read, contending for "best piece of webfiction" I've ever read alongside the Xaterex Multiverse Storyline.

It's really hard to pin why this book was so good. The characters were fun and interesting, the storyline was intriguing, and the stakes were always getting raised.

"What's it about?" you might ask. Well, in a world where people can get superpowers, a sixteen-year-old girl gains the ability to control bugs and sets out to become a superhero. Things do not go as planned. Anything beyond that would be a spoiler.

So, if you got time and want to read a particularly good novel, give Worm a shot. Here's a link:…

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